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Physical Therapist

Dayton, WY, USA

Job Type

Part Time / Full Time

About the Role

We are looking for a licensed physical therapist to evaluate and treat a wide variety of patients from athletes to cowboys and everyone in between. Here, you will develop and utilize manual therapy skills to give each patient their own personal experience. Manual therapy skills are not required upon hiring; however, through teamwork and collaboration, will be learned and applied to treatment of patients. The successful candidate will have the ability to work as a team player in a small physical therapy office that has built a reputation on skilled manual therapy, one-on-one care and community service.


Physical Therapist/Phys. Therapist Assistant License

About the Company

We are a small, outpatient PT practice located in the heart of beautiful Dayton, Wyoming. We have been serving the Dayton and surrounding areas for the last 6 years. Dayton is a little piece of Heaven and Wyoming's best kept secret. Filled with beautiful scenery located at the base of the Big Horn Mountains, Dayton is a cute, quaint town with an appealing location to those wishing for a laid-back lifestyle. Dayton houses safe communities, great schools, mild winters, and outdoor activities for all such as skiing, snowmobiling, summer hiking, fishing, and so much more. Dayton is an easy place to build real connections within the community.

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